Saturday, February 22, 2003

Sending mail to the blog

Armed with Sam's short intro and the MT manuals - I started the second piece of my mail toy - weblog posting via email. Posting via xmlrpc is much easier than I expected - it took me a while to figure what is the blogid, but after that everything was smooth.

I'm using the metalog xml-rpc style - and I'll use the mt extensions to set the category.

One comment on Sam's "REST" alternative - I think an even better approach would be WebDAV, with the item body as plain HTML, with META tags used for the category and the extra (meta) info. This way all HTML editors would be able to edit and publish weblog entries without any modifications. WebDAV also allow editing existing entries. The "core" of a weblog entry is a piece of HTML - with extra metadata and with extra processing done to generate the weblog-style pages ( templates to generate rss, html in a specific layout, etc ).

The next item to implement is the wiki filter, so I can use pine to send wiki-style plain email and have it converted to html that I can upload via xmlrpc. The real hard part will be implementing the special "headers" for meta-info, and implementing the "special" posting forms ( comments to other postings and about web sites ). I want to just use the "mail this page" button, add the comments on top and send it to "".

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