Wednesday, February 12, 2003

mail and weblog (3)

Finally, reading weblogs starts to become easy. I modified blagg - actually rewrite it in python, I'm clearly out of touch with perl. I generate the files in maildir format, then I use KMail to read it. I usually use pine, but pine requires some patches to support maildir and it's not that nice with HTML.

There are many details to sort out - I can parse only 2-3 .rss formats so far, but the benefit is huge. I need to get the comments and fix the headers so I can see them as threads, and I'll like to do a simple scan on the content and get the images - and generate the multiplart MIME message.

The big one is getting the category and sorting in folders - but that can be done in procmail. I'm trying to preserve all the RSS data as mail headers - so procmail can do its job.

In any case - even with the ugly hacky script I'm using, KNode ( or pine or Evolution or mozilla - after I get procmail I can just push the items in regular imap ) are so much better than any of the agregators I've seen so far. Sorting, offline read, filtering, organizing data and moving interesting items in the same folders I use for interesting mails - and above all, the "familiar" feeling and having all the keys in my fingers...

The other direction is also interesting - editing HTML mail in any mailer ( offline or not ) and then having it published as a weblog entry.

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