Sunday, February 09, 2003

Blog reader distribution

Interesting link about blog power distribution. Found it on Cafe au Lait/Leche, one of my daily reads.

I'm interested in the relation and shifts between weblogs and mail lists/news groups. This confirms that for most people like me ( without much writting talent or more private ) the mail lists remain the best way to communicate their toughts ( if they want to be heard). The weblog is great for organizing ideas and for communication in small circles. I'll probably post more on this topic, I have a list (that gets longer every day) comparing the 2 mediums. My conclusion so far is that weblog needs more topic-related agregation and subject-based mirroring into mail/news.

As I find more and more interesting people I find it harder and harder to read their postings - switching between so many subjects and mazes of links is becoming painfull.

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