Sunday, February 09, 2003

Got my linux back

I just did a fresh install ( redhat 8 ), and kept the gentoo partition. The "java zombies" problem proved too difficult for me - and showed me once again how limited my knowledge is ( I had this a lot in the last weeks... ).

I did a backup on a separate disk and I'll try to chroot and investigate more - I don't give up easily. I'm sure I'll see this again...

To recap: under load I got java "defunct processes" ( zombies ). I suspect this is related with the garbage collection and memory management, and of course a certain combination of libraries. I did try different kernels and glibc - including the exact same combination that works without problem on my other computer. Right now the only thing I can do is get the sources ( I remember they were available under scsl ) and see what's happening. A "clean" system works just fine, it is something I did or installed that created the problem - and no amount of reinstalling or checking libraries solved that.

I'm usually very aware of my limits and how much I don't know - but last weeks

make me wonder....

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