Thursday, January 23, 2003

Weblog and wiki

I wonder if anyone has combined Weblog/wiki. It would be pretty nice

* WikiNames for links - you need the name of the weblog and the title of the entry, no long URLs or numbers

* you can easily type lists, bold, etc

* wiki already has a lot of nice feature related to changes/updates to entries.

I find it very usefull to update previous weblog entries - and pretty hard to navigate through the changes ( if I read someone's log, and he changed few things - I'll have to search for it ).

Of course, wiki-style names (including category ) for the weblog entries would make the weblog easier to navigate.

That won't solve the biggest problem I have with weblogs - the complete mess of informations. I can read few high-traffic lists very fast - but I can hardly manage to read more than 5-6 weblogs. I'm just lost when I have to switch too many contexts - in a mail reader I just ignore threads I don't care about, I read related issues one after another ( thread view ). With weblog - while I find fascinating and very usefull to hear all the personal and generic informations, it costs me a lot of energy to click all the links and understand what's happening.

Update: Many thanks for the pointers. While navigating the links, I found a nice

weblog search engine. That's by far my worst problem with reading weblogs - reading by subject instead of by author.

* Test wiki

** Test1 '''test'''

* Test2

** Test1 ''test''

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