Monday, January 13, 2003


A nice thing to have is an ant task to convert from .ser to .xml and back.

* good for debugging

* it could be used for axis - too many times existing classes have problem with

the serialization scheme based on getters.

* this would allow same code to work with both RMI/IIOP and soap

* it may solve some of the .ser problem - like versioning and unreadability.

The serial file does not include a lot of metadata - that is part of the class file. Storing this metadata ( only the field descriptors, to allow interpreting the .ser file ) would also be nice.

The speed of reading/writting .ser file is almost 2x of SAX - and involves almost no garbage ( compared with hundreds of objects per request ). The size is also much smaller - assuming transient is used correctly.

There are many bad things in RMI - and in, but some things are also very nice.

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