Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Kde3.1 on RedHat 8

I got it to work - and decided it's time to move to GenToo. Compiling it from sources on my system was almost impossible - too many dependencies. Rawhide was painfull and in the end would have replaced essential libraries.

What I did - just used Slackware binary packages. Since they use tar.gz, it was trivial to install - just few changes in one of their postinst scripts. They use /opt/kde - so they don't interfere with any other system. After RPM hell, that was an amazing experience.

KDE3.1 works great, konqueror is fast - tab browsing works. The only thing it lacks is remembering passwords. What I've "lost" - the startup menu. Kappfinder

was able to create one - with _all_ the apps it found ( amazing how many apps were hidden ).

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