Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Configurable TagPool in 50

The initial commit is in - seems to work. For configuration - I didn't have too many

choices, the JspServlet config was out of question, so this is the first use of

context init params .

is using precompiled JSPs - or knows how to set init params with jsp-page

The idea is to plug a different TagPool implementation and customize its parameters. The TagPool has a significant impact on JSP performance - and the user must be able to fine tune it and choose the right balance between memory use and speed.

I did few small optimizations in the default pool, and checked in the ThreadLocalPool - which has no sync, but keeps one pool per thread. If you have a JSP that has many tags and is very frequently accessed - it's worth trying it.

Configuration is done with init params for the context and servlet. Need to document it better - if it proves useful. I would try some JNDI - but it's too complex for my free time.

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