Friday, March 07, 2003

RSS for comments and ids

I got Sam's comment feed - and it imediately broke my agregator. The problem is quite simple - I use the link of the item as a key, and in the comment feed all
comments use the same key as the article. And the same title.

This changes the entire data model - for each link I'll have to store a list of MD5s, and treat it as a multi-value. The first time ( if no MD5 is found ) it'll be the "source" message, and all other occurances - including edits of the original - can be treated as "Re: " - to implement the threading in the mail reader.

Probably I'll just go for the simplest solution - and keep a .db keyed by MD5 (that should be unique enough ) - the whole idea is to avoid sending the same item multiple times.

Once again - the RSS proves to be almost completely useless.

Update: Sam changed the links. There are few problems. Some of his links are quite strange .../blog/('1247.html#c1047152121',), I suppose a small bug sneaked in.

Worse - I now lost the way to relate comments with postings. I'll have to parse the generated links and remove the ending to guess the original posting. Sam - please change back, I fixed my code to deal with the old problem and I think the workaround for the new problems is harder :-)

A better solution would be to just add a separate tag with the comment id. Of couse, that would be in the RSS-2003-03-08 "standard", and nobody else will use the same tag name. ( we should use the date of the "standard du jour")

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