Saturday, September 23, 2023

Changing settings for Crostini in ChromeOS

Found: Mount Block Devices in ChromeOS

Apparently it is possible to change the LXC config and get access to the real VM, which appears to be read-only. Combined with moving devices to the VM there is more control - but still limited by the small number of kernel modules in the VM.

I love the security model - the 'host' just handles display and a number of jailed services, all the apps in the VM with LXC on top. The problem is that it's too restrictive - and the linux apps are still all in the same sandbox with access to each other. Flatpak at least tries to isolate each app - but falls to the same trap that Java and early android did - the apps ask for too many permissions. 

I'm sticking with my less efficient setup - docker and pods with explicit mounted volumes, syncthing and remote desktop, with one container per app or dev project - but I've been looking to move from ChromeOS to normal linux set in a similar way. 

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