Saturday, November 19, 2022

Posts and comments

Publishing content is very easy - github, blogger, personal pages, countless social sites and fancy P2P networks. 

Reading content is harder - Reddit, Twitter, Feedly and few others are attempting to identify 'interesting' content and organize it. There is too much content published, and too little diversity if you stick with a list of subscriptions (old style blog readers) and too much garbage and propaganda if you want broader sources. 

Comments are the third problem - they usually are more interesting than the original post, and are valuable both to the reader and to the original poster.  Just posting some content on a page with no way to get any feedback is a waste of time.

I've started to look for an alternative to Twitter for reading - and while doing so I also started for a place to start posting/blogging/ranting. I rarely post on Twitter - but I keep a lot of notes on various projects and experiments - just too lazy to publish them except in comments and 'readme' in git repos I work on.

The options so far:

  • blogger - I've been using it for a very long time, easy - but very unfriendly to code and markdown.
  • reddit - for posting in specific topics. Great comments and community associated with the topic. I've seen many posting a 'blog' or page on github and linking it to reddit for discussions/comments.
  • - comments become github issues. Interesting idea - using search in the issue tracker to hold the post comments. Best associated with blogs hosted on github.
  • disqus - adds on the free edition, $11 for add free. Work to set it up.
  • cusdis - open source, selfhosted option - supports sqlite.
  • ...
For now I'm (re)starting to use blogger - it is by far the least effort, since my goal is to publish my tech notes and rants and maybe get a bit of feedback if anyone stumbles on them - but also checking Reddit. I wouldn't spam Reddit with my rants - but most communities seem high quality and the moderation on each community seems like a far better way to keep the noise out than even old Twitter (very low bar, but that's what I used to use to read, when I somehow trusted they have a team fighting against garbage content and disinformation). 

If I get bored - I would try 'utterances' with github and cusdis.

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