Monday, November 14, 2011

Direct connection to an xpra window in winswitch

Use case:

  • you have a server with winswitch, where you run your applications
  • server is behind a firewall - only SSH port open
  • a client computer - you don't want to install the full winswitch, only Xpra 
On server: "xpra list" -> find the port number ( :64 in my case )

On client: 
  • copy .winswitch/server/sessions/PORT/session.pass to local machine
  • xpra attach ssh:HOST:PORT --password-file=...session.pass
Winswitch seems to start (for an xpra session ) one Xvfb-for-Xpra server, dbus and gnome-keyring -daemon.  Haven't tried VNC sessions - I'm experimenting with xpra, will try NX next. The cool thing so far with xpra is that it's very easy to resize the application window - not so easy with VNC or normal 'desktop' sharing. 

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