Monday, November 10, 2008

My synergy settings

I have multiple laptops and computers, and sometimes use them at the same time - it is convenient to use a single keyboard
and mouse. The problem is that the config is not fixed - and synergy is quite hard to reconfigure dynamically.

I start a synergys server on each computer whose keyboard I may use, and use a couple of scripts to create tunnels and
restart the clients.

The trick is to not use specific hostnames - but dummy ones, and explicitly set the "-c clientname" param. Then all real
config is done using ssh tunnels - with the extra benefit of

  synergys -n localhost -a

  # optional: ssh to shared server ( if the keyboard host is behind another firewall ):
  ssh -f -N -R 24800:  public_computer_with_sshd

Server config: ~/.synergy.conf

section: screens<br />      localhost:<br />      up:<br />      down:<br />      left:<br />      right:<br />end<br /><br />section: links<br />      localhost:<br />        down = down<br />        up = up<br />        left = left<br />        right = right<br />     up:<br />        down = localhost<br />     down:<br />       up = localhost<br />     left:<br />       right = localhost<br />     right:<br />       left = localhost<br />end<br /><br /><br />
On client:
   ssh -N 24800: server &
   echo $! > ~/  

   killall -9 synergyc
   synergyc -n down localhost

I have few client scripts, pointing to different keyboard servers and layouts.

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